DIY tip: Multifunctional Indoor Trees

Dining under your own indoor tree is both convenient and atmospheric

Indoor trees are an striking way to create atmosphere, which can be readily incorporated into your interior. Making these houseplants of the month for January in a tree table makes great use of the space, adds a handy table and allows you to sit comfortably under your own tree indoors! This DIY project sits perfectly with the 'connect the story' style trend in which circles are key and links objects together in a natural way. You can't get more 'connected' than this! 

What you need:  

  • 3 large plants or small indoor trees, such as Pachira, Dracaena and Polyscias

  • 1 large and three smaller terracotta pots + matching saucers

  • 1 white bowl

  • Paint and rollers

  • A 120 x 120 cm sheet of wood (or bigger if you want to go for a dining size)

  • Jig saw

  • Tape measure

DIY-tip: kamerbomen

How to make it: 

DIY-tip: kamerbomen

Step 1

Draw around the pots on the wood sheet to mark where you want them to be. Saw the holes a couple of centimetres smaller than the circles that you've drawn, otherwise the sheet will not stay in place. 





DIY-tip: kamerbomen

Step 2

Paint the sheet in the required colour. Also paint the edge on the inside of the sawn circles so that everything you can see is covered. 






DIY-tip: kamerbomen

Step 3

Use the tape measure to measure the height of the pots. Balance the height of the pots by stacking, or adding one or two saucers. 






DIY-tip: kamerbomen

Step 4

Fill the pots with potting soil and plant the indoor trees through the holes in the table. Finish the tree table by adding a bowl with potential indoor trees: the Nolinas that you can see here will grow to be large Beaucarneas in time. All together now: 'It's the ciiiircle of life!'