Put Monstera on the tree

Win a stylish hanger
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Monstera is known for is small and stylish golden tendrils. For the delicate holes in the subtly gleaming leaves which lovingly reflect the candlelight. And the romantic indentations ensure that the remaining foliage is ready to embrace Christmas. The botanical wonders dangle cheerfully, and this month they combine beautifully with the tickly needles. 

Festive Monstera

But isn’t Monstera that massive plant that can easily take over half your living room? That’s correct, but we’re talking about the festive Monstera. A variety that comes straight from a fantasy jingle bells place, and raises your Christmas celebrations to a higher plane.

This year you can put Monstera on the tree. And the biggest advantage is that it doesn’t need any water - just plenty of peace on Earth. 

Win a stylish hanger

This fabulous Christmas decoration comes from John Lewis and is inspired by the abundant tropics with all their extravagant colours and patterns. It’s designed for decorating the tree, but obviously you can also use it to decorate yourself and lend the perfect finishing touch to your party outfit. 

So the tropics and Christmas blend beautifully this year. If you’d like to win a stylish hanger for the perfect botanical Christmas atmosphere, tell us why you think the tropics and Christmas go together! Let us know your answer and details below by 20 December.