It’s going to be a summer full of tropical beauties

Bring some samba and salsa into your home!
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In the run-up to the Olympic Games in Rio (from 5 August) this summer is all about the caipirinha lifestyle, exotic plants and eye-catching flowers. Beauties such as Medinilla, Gloriosa and Anigozanthos help you to create a top-class Ipanema style at home. If you fancy a summer bursting with tropical flamboyance, transform your room into a jungalow with a couple of large indoor trees that will quickly simulate a tropical jungle. You can supplement them with Medinilla’s eye-catching calixes and flowers, or let the adhesive tendrils of Gloriosa climb up them. Or just create a wall out of all these tropical beauties together. 

Tropical beauties Houseplans of the month

How jungalicious would you like to get? 

The most important thing when creating the jungalow look is to merge the indoors and outdoors as much as possible. Most houseplants can cope very well on your balcony or patio in the summer. A suitable container (use wood or robust earthenware if you prefer a natural look, or lively patterns if you're in the mood something a bit more exotic) will quickly help you create that summer feeling from the other side of the equator. A philodendron (or a single leaf in a jug) will soon make it jungalicious, as will the use of hanging plants, possibly with their own climbing frame. It’ll definitely give you ‘saudades’ (=longing) for all the joy of summer. Samba and gold medals optional. 

Tropische schoonheden Woonplant van de maand

Houseplants with Brazilian roots 

  • The sunny Begonia has precisely the type of flowering that you would expect in Bahia.
  • Bright colours, bizarre shapes, green spikes: The Bromelia swings out of its pot like living salsa
  • Orchids grow and bloom everywhere in Brazil, even on telegraph poles.   
  • A banana plant or palm (or two) instantly introduces the unique Copacabana atmosphere into your home.
  • Intense Sarracenia creates that real rainforest feeling. 
Tropische schoonheden Woonplant van de maand
Tropische schoonheden Woonplant van de maand