Happy International Plant Appreciation Day!

A great chance to give your plants some extra pampering

Saturday April 13 is Plant Appreciation Day, our favourite holiday of the year! Why, you may ask? Plants make everything more beautiful and make our living spaces greener. And of course, just because we love them!

International Plant Appreciation Day Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Work on creating on a big green family

Plant Appreciation Day is the perfect time to bring a beautiful new houseplant into your home and to give the plants that are already in your home some much-needed pampering. Give your plants a dip in a water bath, a refreshing shower, some plant food or even a good conversation. Now is also a good time to start increasing the size of your plant family by using cuttings, or perhaps repotting them to give them extra space so they can grow big and strong. If you want to really spoil your plant babies, try treating them to a few hours of listening to classical music. According to several studies, houseplants love Hayden, Beethoven, Brahms and Schubert.

We ♥ plants!

  • Treat yourself to a plant that creates a spectacle, such as Medinilla or the carnivorous Venus flytrap.
  • Let your child choose their own houseplant and care for it.
  • Give a nice plant to a friend or someone who doesn't go outside often who will appreciate the greenery. 
  • Gift your plant collection a few new friends.
  • Some plants are work better together than they do alone, so consider repotting your plants into the same container - we bet they'll like the company!

Happy Plant Appreciation Day! Which new plants have you brought home, and which have you pampered until their leaves shine? Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.

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