DIY tip: a rack full of tropical beauties

Not a siesta, but a fiesta bursting with flair and colour!

Admittedly Medinilla, Gloriosa and Anigozanthos are already spectacular on their own. But when you put them together as the Houseplants of the month for May, it really does become a heavenly party. By stacking them you can place plenty of these tropical beauties in a limited surface area. And if you also apply a print to the boxes, you reinforce the trio's energetic appearance and you're also bang on trend with the current fashion for lots of visual stimuli. Got your sticky back plastic ready? Then get sticking! 

Tropical beauties Houseplans of the month

What you need:  

  • Depending on how much tropical madness you want around you, at least 2 Medinilla, 2 Gloriosa and 2 kangaroo paws
  • 2 planks of wood, 180 cm high and 35 cm wide
  • 3 watertight window boxes (so without a drainage hole, or seal the hole)
  • Sticky back plastic with your choice of extravagant prints (mix it up!)
  • Jigsaw, knife
  • Paint and brushes
  • Small bag of potting compost 
Tropische schoonheden Woonplant van de maand DIY

How to make it: 

Step 1

Measure the boxes and planks carefully and mark out the holes so that they will be at the same height in due course. Cut three holes in each plank in the shape and size of the window boxes.

Tropische schoonheden Woonplant van de maand DIY

Step 2

Stick the adhesive plastic on the window boxes. Start with the sides, finish with the bottom (no-one will see that part, so it doesn't matter if there is a slight overlap). 

Tropische schoonheden Woonplant van de maand DIY

Step 3

Slide the boxes through the holes. If the rack wobbles too much, nail a crossbar on the back to provide greater stability. Place potting soil in the boxes, distribute the tropical beauties across the boxes, and pour yourself a mojito. Cheers! 

Tropische schoonheden Woonplant van de maand DIY