Feature for in the home: Urban Jungles

Admire your plants behind glass

It will come as no surprise when we tell you that plants can lend the perfect finishing touch to your interior. A lively cactus on the book shelves, a fantastic Ficus Ginseng in the window bay and a monstera next to the TV: it makes your home a pleasant environment that matches your personal style. It becomes particularly special when you highlight the plants in your home with an exciting feature like an Urban Jungle.

The Urban Jungles are individually hand-made from lead and glass. The geometric lines with organic shapes look good beside plants in pots, but also make an eye-catching feature on your desk. 

Urban Jungles


We will shortly be giving away an Urban Jungle, so keep a close eye on the website! If you win, don’t forget to take a great photo and share it on Instagram with the hashtag  #ikenmijnurbanjungle and #thejoyofplants.