Clever alternatives to the classic Christmas tree

Try something different this year

Not too big, not too small and not too crooked - picking out a Christmas tree isn't easy! Getting the tree home in one piece and decorating it isn't always the simplest of tasks either. If you haven't lost the decorations in the loft or the garage, the fairy lights are inevitably tangled or your favourite bauble has gone missing. Why not try a different approach to decorating this year? Go for a clever alternative to the classic Christmas tree. Let us show you how. 

Alternative Christmas trees |
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Plants as an alternative to a Christmas tree

Plants can be a great alternative to replace the classic Christmas tree in your living room. The Polyscias, Ficus Lyrata, Chamberlain and Pachira are beautiful options to light up your living room on dark December days. Even better, you can enjoy these green friends all year round.

For smaller rooms with little light, Polyscias is a perfect match. This indoor tree grows straight up and is reminiscent of woodland, because the trunk is partly hidden behind the leaves. Ficus Lyrata, with its large leaves and striking white veins, is a hardy alternative to the Christmas tree. When it's placed in a light spot, it's at its best. Pachira, also known as the money tree, is also a must. This graceful tree has beautiful leaf crowns and interwoven trunks. The trunk is perfect for a subtle string of lights! Can't quite bear to say goodbye to the classic pine tree yet? Then hang your lights on the chamber pine, also known as Araucaria. This plant is a descendant of the conifer and is a charming alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

Decorating according to the latest style trend

This season is all about sustainability and increasing the amount of greenery in your life. With the aforementioned indoor trees and plants, all which you can enjoy all year round, you're well onto the right track. This green and natural trend is also reflected in the decoration of the Christmas tree. How about these floral pendants? Or be inspired by a garland of dried flowers! Choose natural shades, organic materials and experience the ultimate Balanced Biotope feeling. 

More, more more Christmas!

Are you all caught up in the Christmas spirit and curious about discovering ideas to turn your Christmastime into a green party? Let others enjoy the greenery too and discover how botanical wrapping fabric can turn even your gift wrapping into a present in itself, how candles and plant cuttings can be used to create a centrepiece or how to bring the scent of Christmas into your home.