Discover 7 green Christmas gifts

The gift of a good mood!

Beautiful, practical, useful and healthy. What perfect characteristics for a Christmas present! Here we've selected 7 plants guaranteed to score points with family, friends, neighbours or yourself this Christmas. Read on and get inspired!

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Plants are not only beautiful to look at, they also contribute to healthy air in the house, improve our mental and physical health and are even able to muffle ambient noise. In short, giving a plant as a Christmas present is a guaranteed success!

But which green friend should you give to your good friends? And which bloomer will make your mother in law melt? The choice of your green gift is of course very personal, but we think the 7 plants below are guaranteed winners.


If there is one plant perfectly suited to set a Christmas mood, it is amaryllis. This stylish bloomer symbolises enchanting beauty and is also known as the sparkling star. Even at first sight, you can understand why!


Whether you choose the tiger orchid or cymbidium, every orchid shines in its own way. There are so many varieties that there is always an orchid to match with your loved one. The petals of orchids are like works of art for your home.


The blue star fern has slightly curled leaves with a blue-grey glow. Its beautiful, chic appearance adds a festive atmosphere to any interior. Even better, blue star fern has strong air-purifying qualities. To whom will you give this powerhouse as a gift? 


Alocasia, also known as Elephant ear, is a real eye-catcher with its spectacular leaves. This makes it a perfect gift for making a green statement. This plant is also perfect for a larger room that could use some green filler. 


Croton adds cheer and warmth on cold winter days with its warm colours. Croton symbolises transformation and is a perfect gift for someone in a period of change.


Temperamental colours and flamboyant appeal: bromeliad is a long-blooming plant that treats you to its spectacular look in exchange for a little light and water. Who will you surprise with this tropical beauty? 


The power and splendour of Calathea is in its leaves, oval beauties in various shades of green with the occasional hint of purple or pink. Think stripes, flaming patterns or just a coloured border. In short: a popping Christmas present! 

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Do you already have a lot of plants in your house and/or do you feel like going green? Then gather a lot of plants and some wooden boxes together and create a Christmas tree of plants. After the holidays, put the plants back in place or hand them out to your visitors as a souvenir of the holidays. 


Looking for more inspiration about celebrating Christmas with plants? Bring on that warm festive feeling by decorating your dining table for the season, or get started with this DIY candle holder with plant cuttings. For a daily dose of inspiration, follow us on PinterestInstagram and Facebook

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