Bring the woods indoors

Are you brave enough?
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Pink on your wall: yes, yes, yes. Fresh white with an impressive collection of photo frames: always good. But how about thinking ‘outside the box’, whereby the box is your house? Let your imagination run wild on a lavish and compelling scale and bring the outdoors inside with a romantic woodland courtesy of an Old Master. What an amazing view…

There’s hopefully no need for us to explain that greenery is good for you. Living greenery provides peace and clean air. But the colour green also has a calming effect. A relaxed atmosphere like that is lovely to come home to. And by installing this romantic woodland scene on your wall, you’ll be left with enough space for a three-dimensional urban jungle. We’d suggest a slender Pachira, a sturdy Ficus Lyrata or a fig tree. Because what is a forest without trees?

Got to have it

This wallpaper is by Rebel Walls, in collaboration with Tres Tintas from Barcelona. 

Photo credits: Jeroen van der Spek for vtwonen.