Big summer tidy-up … with plants!

Neat and tidy with a touch of green

When the summer holidays come to an end, you might want to start with a clean slate by tidying and reorganising your home. Call it your mid-year resolution - and what really works, is an XL memo board made of pegboard to get you started, with a few lovely plants added to it! panneaux, bureau, diy, vert, jardin, hiver, maison, outils,

They’re handy, stylish and keep your home free of mess: pegboards on the wall can be put up anywhere. In the kitchen you can hang your saucepans from one, with a few spoons and ladles, and a couple of nice potted herbs all within easy reach, thanks to those clever holes.

A green, airy home office

In the home office you can bring your mundane task board to life by adding a touch of botanicals. Hanging plants are a great addition, as well as air-purifying plants that you hang on your pegboard. It will allow you to take a breather or help you daydream during moments of inspiration.

DIY with greenery

In the shed or workshop we hang plants beneath the neatly organised tools in order to be able to extract even more creativity from precious moments. How about a rugged succulent that can take a knock?

In a tidy home like this you never need to hunt for anything again.  You can use the time you save to give your plants – both indoors and outdoors – a bit of extra pampering. Because that was your other post-holiday resolution, wasn’t it?


Copyright: Heidi Lerkendelfdt