4 summer plant ideas

Do you have cacti or herb plants in macramé hangers?

We are giving you four summer plant ideas, so that you can start the summer with a lovely green vibe.

Tip 1: Make your own plants table

It’s summer and it's a great time to watch your indoor plants come to life outdoors. Collect your favourite mini plants, place them on your table outside and see what a lovely family you create. Your summer table will get a completely different feel with this green, natural twist!

We have used a colourful club of mainly succulents. These plants already shine indoors, but they also glitter outdoors in part shade or in the sun. 

4 zomerse plantenideeën

4 zomerse plantenideeën

Tip 2: Plant-on-plant

Vertical plant walls are so hot right now. Make your own version of the vertical plant wall. We have placed the plants below on slabs of tree trunk for a natural effect. Another fun idea for your balcony or patio is really simple: place a table on top of another table and place your green beauties on them. Your plant wall is ready!

4 zomerse plantenideeën

4 zomerse plantenideeën



Tip 3: Herbal macramé hangers

Herb plants brighten up your kitchen, your garden or your balcony and even brighten up your meal. Give them an extra twist by letting them swing in macramé hangers for a tasty result. You can make these yourself or buy them ready made.

4 zomerse plantenideeën

Tip 4: Combine vintage with design items

Create a fresh summer atmosphere in your garden or on your patio with a mix of plants and flowers. Plant your plants in vintage pots which are gathering dust in your mum’s or your auntie’s cupboard, or go shopping at your local charity shop. The flowers are hung up in Serax design vases. For more floral summer tips, head to our sister site.

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