Happy Interior Blog and JOELIX interview on thejoyofplants.co.ukCopyright: Urban Jungle Bloggers
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Interview: Urban Jungle Bloggers

When we came across the Urban Jungle Bloggers we were totally inspired by their homes and their commit

DIY Calathea, Houseplant for September 2014Copyright: MarthaStewart.com
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Make your own Calathea tea lights

Are you the creative type? With these tips from Martha Stewart you can make tea light holders with a green tint, in an instant.

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The Plant Journal on thejoyofplants.co.uk

The Plant

Plants are absolutely on-trend at the moment, so much so that a beautiful new journal has been launched to share stories of plants from around the world.

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Summer plant inspiration on thejoyofplants.co.uk


The temperature rises, ice cubes fill your drinks and the sound of birds tweeting is all around.

Bonkei Planters on thejoyofplants.co.uk
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Bonkers for Bonkei

Japanese for ‘tray landscape’, the bonkei planter is one of our favourite trends in Japan at the momen

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An app for plants

Have you ever left it a day too late to water your favourite plant and found it hard to revive the pla

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Living wall art featuring plantsCopyright: Art We Heart
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Art we heart

Having spent a summer outdoors enjoying the sunshine, it is time to fall in love again with the indoor

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A table made of plants on thejoyofplants.co.ukCopyright: Zahra Shahabi and Ollie Hammick
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A table made from plants

With a summer of home entertaining well underway, now's the time to ensure your home has plenty of sty

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Holidays: What to do with plants? thejoyofplants.co.ukCopyright: Masha Bakker
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Holidays: What to do with the plants?

Going camping or to a resort is great fun, but when you come home you don’t want your plants to be as brown as you are. How do you change this? Here are our four tips to give your plants some TLC.

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