Macarons featuring plants on Ganache Macaron

Macarons inspired by nature

Hailing from France, the macaron has long been a favourite sweet treat across the channel here in the

Clutch bag with Chrysanthemum print by EllenVintage from EtsyCopyright: EllenVintage,
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A festive Chrysanthemum in your hand

Away with that huge bag in which you can never find anything in anyway! This elegant Chrysanthemum clutch will complete any party outfit.

Cactus cupcake recipe on Alana Jones-Mann

Cactus cupcakes

Do you like succulents and love cupcakes? If so, Alanna Jones-Mann has just the thing for you!

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DIY Calathea, Houseplant for September 2014Copyright:
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Make your own Calathea tea lights

Are you the creative type? With these tips from Martha Stewart you can make tea light holders with a green tint, in an instant.

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Create your own eggshell fertiser with Personal Creations
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DIY: Eggshell planters

Did you know that water from hard-boiled eggs acts as a great natural fertiliser?

The Plant Journal on

The Plant

Plants are absolutely on-trend at the moment, so much so that a beautiful new journal has been launched to share stories of plants from around the world.

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Printable planter wrapping paper found on Baba Souk

Printable planter paper

If there's one thing that's better than gifting a plant, it's presenting someone with a beautiful plant wrapped up in plant-themed wrapping paper.

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