A Fern at your wedding TheJoyofplants.co.ukCopyright: IDoJacksonHole.com

Ferns at your wedding

The fresh green appearance of the Fern doesn’t only look fantastic in a pot, but ....

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DIY: Chalkboard pots

Add another layer to your plant pots by creating a chalkboard surface that's perfect for writing on.

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DIY: Colourful Easter!

Do you want to surprise your family or Easter visitors? Make a good impression with our Easter decoration tips. Watch the video.

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With a Fern bracelet, the lovely Fern is always close by Thejoyofplants.co.ukCopyright: Frosted Willow Designs @ Etsy.com
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A Fern around your wrist

You probably know Ferns as lovely, air purifying plants, but don’t forget their role as a muse. Their beautiful leaves have made them the inspiration for this delicate bracelet.

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Tips for making a hydrangea wreathCopyright: Elementsofstyleblog.com
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This is how you make a hydrangea wreath

Blue, purple, green, pink and a whole lot of shades in between: you will bring the most beautiful hydrangea colours together with this wreath by ElementsofStyleBlog.

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Japanese Hydrangea tea to celebrate buddha’s birthday
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Hydrangea tea (甘茶 )

It is possible to make tea from a special Hydrangea. They have been doing this for centuries in Japan.