3 beautifully simple Easter DIYs

With plants are the forefront

Happiness can be found in the little things at Easter. A perfectly boiled egg served in a festive green wreath, a beautifully decorated Easter table and a homemade basket for your egg hunt spoils will all bring cheer to this holiday. Make the most of spring and get started on these three simple green DIYs!

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DIy 1: miniature green wreaths for eggs

Decorating your Easter table with greenery and treats is simpler than you might think. This delicious floral bread served with vegetable dips and these chewy chocolate cookies made with lavender and leftover Easter eggs are simple to make, and will be on the table in no time. And then it's time for the finishing touch: eggs served in a green wreath! Find out below what you need and how to make them yourself in just a few steps.

to make a mini green egg wreath, you will need:

  • Egg dishes
  • Scissors
  • Binding wire (prefereably green)
  • Moss 
  • Green twigs of your choice. We used ferns and corkscrew grass (Juncus Spiralis)

how to make individual mini green wreaths for eggs

  1. Using binding wire, make the round miniature frames for your wreaths. Make sure they will fit an egg inside them.
  2. Collect the moss and green twigs you want to use for the egg wreaths. Wrap a little moss and sprigs around the frames until you are happy with the result. Does your egg shell not have a dimple (for the egg) in the centre? Then make sure the inside of the wreath is just big enough so that the egg stays firmly in place.
  3. We chose to keep the wreath green, but go wild with colour if that suits you better. For example, decorate the wreaths with flowers in spring colours, such as yellow and purple pansies, or pink cherry blossoms.
  4. Your egg wreath is ready! Time to surprise your dining companions.
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This green DIY is incredibly easy yet brings a charmingly festive feel to your Easter table. The decorations, made out of flowers, twigs and eggshells, make wonderful place settings or table decorations for an Easter brunch or dinner, or you can use them to bring spring cheer to anywhere in your home. 

to create handmade table settings from eggshells and flowers, you will need:

  • Egg piercer or needle
  • Sprigs of your favorite plants and flowers. Most plants are suitable for eggshells, as long as they are not too large. We chose Allium (bridal outfit) and tulips .
  • Optional: fabric to make bows

how to make green table decorations for easter

  1. Use a needle or egg piercer to poke a small hole in the top and bottom of each egg. With the tip of a sharp knife, make the hole in the eggshell bigger. Drain the eggs and collect the innards in a bowl for later use (for pancakes, scrambled eggs or to use in a cake).
  2. Rinse the eggshells with warm water and let them dry.
  3. Gently poke a stem of your favourite plants and/or flowers through the holes in the eggshells and finish with a decorative bow, if you like.
decoratie paastafel | simpele paasdecoratie bloemen en planten

DIY 3: A HOMEMADE green EASTER BASKET for collecting eggs

Easter egg hunts are a time-honoured spring tradition, and with this basket you'll be the belle of the Easter ball. Whether you prefer to eat your Easter eggs right away or secrete them away for later, this cheerful Easter basket makes collecting eggs together a party!

for a green easter egg basket, YOU WILL NEED:

  • A basket with handles. Preferably a basket that is open on one side, so you can enjoy cheerful greenery from every angle.
  • Moss
  • Flowers and plants in cheerful spring colours. You can also use plant and flower cuttings. In our example we used: pansiesfern, craspedia, oregano, yellow broom, bacopa and orchid.


  1. Fill the basket with moss, covering the bottom and some of the sides of the basket.
  2. Add some colourful spring plants between the moss, then decorate the basket with flowers and plant cuttings. Utilise the holes in the basket as if you were making a flower arrangement with chicken wire. You can put flowers and plants in the holes as you like.
  3. Happy with your design? It's time to start the egg hunt!

Tip: to make sure your basket shines during your egg hunt and that the greenery doesn't wilt prematurely, DIY your basket as soon as possible to when you will use it. After the scavenger hunt, you can turn the basket into a kokedama (a plant pendant with moss) that you can enjoy for weeks! You can put any leftover loose flowers in small vases to enjoy them for as long as possible.

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