DIY: Make a Kokedama for Easter

Cheerful plant hangers in Easter colours

Fancy something more eye-catching than a standard plant pot on the floor? Then make a Kokedama! You can make this mossy plant pendant classic Easter plants in no at all. Hang it up and you can enjoy cheerful Easter colours at home for weeks!

kokodama diy pasen
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you will need

  • Choose your favourite plant(s). Most plants are suitable for this hanging decoration, as long as they aren't too big. We opted for grape hyacinths and Eranthis hyemalis (winter aconite). It's also possible to make a kokedama with your favourite cuttings.
  • Platmos (for sale online or at a garden centre)
  • Potting soil
  • Nylon thread
  • Strong rope
  • Scissors
kokodama zelf maken

1. Place the piece of flat moss ready on the table, with the green side up.

2. Remove the plants from their pots and gently knock off the loose soil to form a solid base.

3. If necessary, add some soil around the root ball for a nice round bulb. You can wet the soil a bit so that it sticks better.

4. Tie a piece of moss onto the root ball by wrapping wire around it in all directions. In this way, add a piece of moss each time, until the whole root ball is covered and a nice round sphere has been formed.

5. Use the nylon thread to seal the moss ball. Wrap the nylon around the ball a few more times for reinforcement.

6. Use the rope to hang the Kokedama. You can turn the rope around the sphere once, but also a few times around for a more playful effect.

7. Spray your floating plants regularly with the plant sprayer bottle and enjoy your Kokedama this spring!

Tip: instead of plants with root balls, you can also stick cuttings into the moss bulb. In this case, make the sphere of soil and moss first and then poke holes into it, then carefully insert the cuttings.


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