Surprising Easter decorations

Try something different this Spring!

Are you looking for a different theme for this year's Easter celebrations? How about adding some sophistication to your spring decor with tough materials, batik fabrics and vibrant colours?
Use bold colours to complement the softness of the waxplants

Mold with metal

We love the harsh contrast of the bent copper wire frames with the delicate leaves on these kalanchoe. Adding an egg to the display is in keeping witha more traditional Easter theme, but in a way that wouldn't usually be found in a dinner table display.

A colourful display

The vibrant colours of these fresh juices really accentuate the softer tones of the waxplants. Whilst yellows and oranges are commonly seen in plants at this time of year, the richer aubergine colour is an unexpected surprise. Once you've drank the juices you could always put a candle in their place to keep the colour alive!

Eggs on trend

Paint bold lines across white decorative eggs and bury them between ferns for a contemporary twist on the traditional egg hunt!

How will you be celebrating Easter this year? Let us know what you do with your plants at your celebrations!