Five early-flowering garden plants

No need to wait until spring to enjoy these bloomers!

In early spring, nature slowly comes back to life. If you look carefully, you'll see the signs: shoots sprouting, buds protruding and birds returning. There are even some outdoor plants that flower in March, which will bring spring into your line of sight as opposed to feeling like a distant dream. These tough, hardy plants are nature's answer to rainy concrete and grey moods.

Five early spring flowering plants
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One stylish garden plant is the Christmas Rose, also known as Hellebore. The leaves remain richly green all year round, and after the frosts they are joined by spectacular white, yellow, pink or purple flowers. Its preference for sheltered sunny spots means the Hellebore works very well in a patio garden.


Viburnum | Sneeuwbal | tuinplant | winterbloeier


Viburnum bears clusters of white or pink flowers on bare branches from November to March. Swaying gently in the breeze, they know — even if you sometimes doubt it — that spring is on its way. Not only does they look beautiful, the flowers are wonderfully scented.



With its abundance of yellow flowers and vigorous growth, this plant really does bring spring straight to your patio. Forsythia has an extremely sunny appeal, whether in a bed or a pot, which means it is ideal for an urban balcony or courtyard garden. Trim with secateurs every year to keep it in shape and blooming.


Blue anemone

Small but strong, that’s the blue anemone. It’s a pioneer when it comes to spring flowering, and is very happy in a pot, where its blue blooms will brighten dull days. Make sure you water it regularly, as this plant does not like to be dry.



With its dark green shiny leaves the camellia is a natural beauty even before it blooms. While many of your outdoor plants are still hibernating, this slow grower will bloom with white, purple or red flowers. The plant brightens up your terrace with the first signs that spring is on its way.



bloembol | narcis | krokus | tulpenbollen


With bulb plants such as daffodils, tulips and crocuses, you can give your outdoor space a colourful metamorphosis very quickly. Whether grown in the open ground or in pots: spring flowering bulbs thrive anywhere but are best placed in a sunny spot. The longer they are in the shade, the fewer flowers the bulbs will produce.  

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