Surprise your Valentine with plants

Unexpected romance

This Valentine’s Day, try a different tack. Leave traditional gestures behind, and surprise your Other Half with plants in unexpected places and at unusual times. A memorable day full of love and laughter is practically guaranteed.

Surprise your Valentine with pop-up plants

It’s all about the thought  

Valentine’s Day is about love, whether that's for your partner, your family, or your caring neighbour who always waters your garden when you're away. Maybe you’ve been married for a decade, or maybe you’ve just come back from a second successful Tinder date. However long or short your relationship history may be, love should always be celebrated. The thought is more important than the gift, though, so keep things simple and full of fun.

Surprise on wheels

The bicycle is an excellent place to start. Transform their basket with a crown of flowers, or weave air plants through the wheel spokes. If your loved one drives a motorbike to work, leave a cactus on the seat and start their day with a smile.

Maybe you're walking to your car, all wrapped up warm, and you spot something that makes your heart leap. Tucked under the windscreen wipers is a small arrangement of seasonal fronds and foliage. Detaching the gift, you read the accompanying card and a grin spreads over your face. Imagine... it would leave you smiling for the whole journey. 

Make everyday things special

In the kitchen on February 14th, you might lift the lid of a saucepan to find a beautiful plant hidden away. Fabulous orchids adorn the shower, mini terracotta pots cover your desk, and on your dresser is a gorgeous botanical crown for wearing to your date. 

With a bit of inspiration, and some forward planning, you can make plants appear in unexepected locations throughout the whole day. Wrap the dog’s lead in a hanging plant, replace your bookmark with a leaf, and leave a bunch of lavender on the pillow. Valentine’s Day has never been so romantically unexpected.