Valentine's Day DIY: a green bouquet for months of fun

Surprise your Valentine with a plant bouquet

You can surprise your loved one on Valentine's Day with a handmade rosemary candle wrapped in sustainable fabric gift wrap, or even better, with an indoor plant picnic. But to give your Valentine the ultimate treat, surprise them with this: the ultimate green bouquet that demonstrates your love!

groen valentijnsboeket
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A plant bouquet full of love

The colour of love is... green! Because plants have a positive effect on how we feel. This plant bouquet contains plants that perfectly match your intended message of love. The blue fern stands for sincerity and the orchid for beauty and strength. The ficus is strong, grows impressively tall and comes in many varieties.

Take a look at all the plants we used for this love bouquet, but follow your own heart in making your own. After all, you know best what will make your loved one happy!

you will need

a green bouquet for months of enjoyment

This love bouquet has a long life, as it's made of plants rather than cut flowers, and is a symbol of your long-lasting love. It's therefore important to use not individual branches but small plants with roots and/or cuttings from plants.

A small orchid and Bromelia can be put into the bouquet with roots intact. The Asparagus can be torn up by the roots to make a cutting. Cut off a leaf from the blue fern with a root attached and place it in the potting compost for a long life. We also added a loose leaves from ivy plants and ficus elastica. 

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Did you surprise your Valentine with a plant bouquet? We want to see it! Share your love bouquet with us on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants. Curious about more ideas to surprise your loved one? Get inspired by our ideas for romantic picnics that represent your love for your sweetheart.

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