5 green gifts to celebrate love with this Valentine's Day

Indoor plant picnics tailored to your relationship

On Valentine's Day, we celebrate love! Not all kinds of love are not the same, however, so what's the best way to celebrate the flirty love you experience on a third date, unconditional love of family or the love and fondness you feel for your best friend?

Whatever kind of love you're feeling, we have the best way to celebrate it: organising an indoor plant picnic for your loved one. It's the best combination of relaxation, romance and tasty food. Get inspired by our five different kinds of picnics for five different kinds of love!

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Spending quality time with your sweetheart on Valentine's Day is always a good idea, and an indoor picnic combines a romantic setting with a relaxing atmosphere. And you can't forget to include plants, because everyone feels more comfortable surrounded by greenery! Discover below the five different picnics for five different kinds of love below. Which one will you choose?

  • Have you recently started dating and want to bring out that flirty, early relationship energy? Then choose the picnic for flirty, fledgling love.
  • Have you and your sweetheart been steady as a rock for years and you know you'll be together forever? Then celebrate that with our picnic for true, steady love.
  • Choose the fiery picnic if your relationship is passionate and filled with fire.
  • Want to celebrate your family's unconditional love on Valentine's Day? Then surprise your children, nieces or nephews with a kid-proof picnic.
  • Are you celebrating a close friendship this Valentine's Day? Then surprise a friend with a cosy plant picnic.


When you think of a first date or young love, you think of a new beginning and of something that is about to blossom. And what better symbolises this beginning of love than a bulb in a pot? After a little patience, the flowers will blossom, just like your love. The cheerful colours of the tulip and hyacinth, for example, will give you a helping hand. Another perfect plant match is Primula. This early bloomer symbolises a new beginning, growth and hope.

Fern symbolises your sincerity and Fittonia is a plant which, like love, can grow quickly. This elegant plant has leaves with striking red veins. Perfect for creating a warm and romantic atmosphere! Sorrel, or Oxalis, also scores points on your first date. And did you know that the flowers and stems of this clover are edible? Why not try eating them in a salad?

valentijnsdag cadeau | picknick roze planten


Have you been together with the love of your life for years? Is love no longer blind, but do you trust each other blindly? In short, are you and your love as steady as a rock?

A familiar form of love requires strong plants that you can build on. Think, for example, of long-flowering plants that symbolise life and strength, such as the dendrobium, orchid and dragon tree. It's not only the symbolism of these plants and trees that's important - their beautiful appearance also makes your picnic even more atmospheric! For a romantic and colourful touch, roses are of course a must. Go for romance with potted roses, so you can enjoy them together for a long time!  

valentijnsdag cadeau | picknick ware liefde


Can't keep your hands off your love? And would you describe your love as romantic, passionate and physical? Surprise your lover on Valentine's Day with a plant picnic bursting with love and passion!

The fire of your love is just like the Gloriosa, or flame lily! This plant has leaves in the shape of flames and clings to whatever it's near. A perfect plant match! The Bromelia, too, with its impressive appearance, is ready to burst into flames. And what about the tulip? With its beautiful colours, it adds warmth and beauty to your picnic. Finally, the Gardenia is a valuable addition. This elegant diva with her sensual flowers is a feast for the eyes and puts you in a good mood. What more could you ask for?

romantisch valentijnsdag cadeau | indoor picknick


The almost indestructible bond that you, as a parent, have with your children is incomparable. This unconditional love deserves to be celebrated! So surprise your offspring (and your partner) on Valentine's Day with a cosy plant picnic. And to give them an extra surprise, organise this picnic in a tepee or homemade tent!

The most important people in your life deserve the very best, and it's the same when it comes to plants! In terms of both appearance and symbolism, the Cyclamen shouldn't be missing from your plant picnic. This plant has coloured, heart-shaped flowers and is a symbol of empathy and devotion. The ash flower is also a perfect match. This plant is a symbol of protection and, like the gerbera, adds colour and cheerfulness to your setting. The heart-shaped leaves of the hanging plant Ceropegia speak for themselves, and the palm Cycas is a symbol of long life. Finally, the grass lily has to be there. With this low-maintenance hanging plant, you are saying 'I care for you'. 

picknick binnen met kinderen | tipi tent kinderen


Nothing beats a good friend who is always there for you, who you can say anything to and who you can laugh and cry with.

True friendship is daring to hold up a mirror to each other when necessary, and that is why the fern is a perfect plant match. This atmospheric plant is beautiful in all its forms and symbolises sincerity. Will you always be faithful to each other, and are you determined to remain friends throughout your life? Then ivy is exactly what you are looking for. This evergreen is a symbol of eternal life and loyalty. Cymbidium should also be part of your plant picnic. This orchid symbolises friendship, appreciation and respect. And not only that, this plant with its beautiful colours creates a true wow effect! 

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here's what you need for a valentine's day picnic

Feeling the urge to surprise your date with an indoor plant picnic? We get it! Be inspired by our example and shopping list below, but above all follow your own heart and use your own creativity. After all, you know best how to hook your crush's heart!

you will need

  • Plants that symbolise your love - see above for the type of love you're creating a picnic around
  • Picnic rug
  • Cushions
  • Snacks and drinks (we love these primula pancakes and these fruity mocktails)
  • Crockery and cutlery (tip: use a board to serve the food)
  • Tea lights 
  • Optional: a tent cloth and lights for an extra cosy feeling
  • Optional: a green love bouquet to give as a gift to your date
  • Optional: music. Introduce your date to your favourite playlist. 


Share your Valentine's plants with us on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants. Curious about more ideas to surprise your loved one? Check out this green bouquet of plants that symbolise long-lasting love - your sweetheart will be able to enjoy it for months to come.

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