Shake up Valentine's Day with go-it-alone plants

Find yourself a plant that will never let you down

The month of February can feel overwhelming, with shop windows filled with pink hearts, florists brimming with red roses, the eye-rolling flirty text from an ex, and the sight of those besotted couples on Valentine's Day itself. If you find yourself sick of the whole scenario, you're certainly not alone. On 14th February, buck convention and treat yourself to a gift just for you, something you've had your eye on for a while. A hardy pot plant should do just the thing.

Carnivorous plants

If you're hurt and angry, channel your emotions into taking care of a carnivorous plant. Their strong presence will keep you company, and they even help out with household chores, gobbling up the flies in your home.

Vleesetende planten

Prickly cactus

If you’re happy standing tall and alone, the cactus is the obvious companion. They enjoy occasional care, but really they're just fine by themselves, thank you. 


Cuddly ficus

Perhaps you feel lonely, and in need of a cuddle. Reach out to the Ficus 'Anouk'. This beautiful dark green plant cleanses the air with its soft-shaped leaves, so you can soon feel back to your old self again.

We're keen to see which plants choose to spend your Valentine's Day in the company of. Share them with us on social media using the hashtag #thejoyofplants