Cute carnivorous plants on paper

Must-have notebooks from Nancy Chiu
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When you think of carnivorous plants, you often think of freakish things with fierce appetites and a corresponding appearance - but that's not always the case. Illustrator Nancy Chiu decided to take a different approach and created cute carnivores in pastel tones.

Notebook with carnivorous plants

Nancy is fascinated by carnivorous plants, and started drawing them in order to celebrate their unusual beauty. The design that she created is bursting with detail and round shapes which she coloured with watercolours in soft pastel tones. She then used this design to create a notebook. Isn't it beautiful?   

Lieflijke Vleesetende planten op papier
Carnivores on Etsy

The entire book is handmade and has 30 blank pages made of cream paper. It is 13 x 19 cm; the perfect size to fit in your bag. It will come as no surprise that the notebook is for sale on Etsy, the place for unusual handmade delights.

And just to be really clear, we would like to add that you can delight a (plant-loving) friend with a cute (real) carnivorous plant as well.