DIY tip: Carnivorous plants with sparkle

Wrap your carnivores in glitter
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

They're green, yellow and red and catch their own food: beautiful carnivorous plants are really no effort at all. Reward them for their hard work with some sparkle by placing them in a bowl of glitter. This bowl is incredibly easy to make using the tips and photographs shown below. 

This is what you need:  

  • 3 carnivorous plants

  • 2 glass bowls that fit inside one another

  • Handful of sphagnum or other moss

  • A few sheets of thick film

  • Glitter in various colour

DIY-tip met Vleesetende planten

How to make it

DIY-tip met Vleesetende planten
Step 1

Place the glass bowls inside one another and insert a layer of film in between. 





DIY-tip met Vleesetende planten
Step 2

Pour a layer of glitter onto the film and place another layer of film over the top. Repeat this step a few times with other glitter colours, so that different layers are created. Finish with a layer of film.



DIY-tip met Vleesetende planten
Step 3

Then plant the carnivorous plants in the bowl and fill the spaces with moss. It's also a good idea to cover the root balls with moss. It will look nice and fresh, and ensures that the plants do not lose moisture to evaporation too quickly. 


Now you just need to place the bowl wherever it will be seen regularly. Disco!

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