Peperomia, how Zen or funky do you want to make it?

A lavish choice of fabulous plants with spicy ornamental leaves
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Peperomia is perfect for indoor styling. They are plants with fine plain green leaves, but also flaming, red, grey, or large study leaves. If you put the plain green ones together, it creates a calming Zen effect and if you mix them with colourful foliage, it becomes a pretty funky display. Get stuck in! 


Green luxuriance (with a little bit of madness)

What’s remarkable about Peperomia is that all 500 different species work very well together, which means that you can mix and match them to your heart’s content.  Don’t be put off by that number – 500 -  by the way: the range on offer from the growers is much more manageable. That being said, there is still a wide choice of lavish shapes and colours at your disposal. Try  placing the most dissimilar types together in a cabinet - or should that be mini-greenhouse.

You need an 'It Plant' like this!  

That versatility has made Peperomia the ‘It Plant’ of home decor. The smaller plants look fabulous in table gardens, birdcages, terrariums, hanging baskets and bowls. The larger ones look great in contemporary macramé and distinctive handmade pots. Try putting different varieties in matching pots, or playing with round leaved Peperomias in round bowls to create attractive visual effects.  You can make it very stark and industrial, but also very soft and round.  

Peperomia Mooiwatplantendoen Zen of Funk

Peperomia integrates smoothly 

Peperomia is also ideal if you like the style trend in which objects are linked together and thus creates a new entity. Use square terracotta pots that you can also use for a hundred other things to create a multifunctional table integrated with Peperomia. Synergy is as simple as that.