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Peperomia brings luck into your home
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Looking for a suitable housewarming gift or plant to give your own home a boost? Peperomia is seen as a lucky charm in Brazil, where it’s given as a reassuring gift that says: “Everything will be all right”. The ‘planta a sorte’ (luck plant) Peperomia is part of the ‘blessed plants’, that protect, purify and absorb negative energy from its surroundings. According to interior designer Beatriz Santiago Correa in the lifestyle magazine Vo, “ It’s a mix of African superstition that slaves brought with them and feng shui, and it really is widely believed here.”

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That is echoed by Franco Guizetti, Rio’s most popular feng shui coach. “Plants like Peperomia consist of living material which does not in itself act as a source of ‘conflict’ or ‘evil’; they’re sponges that absorb energy. That’s why it’s a good idea to get new plants from time to time and to place the specimens that had been indoors for about six months outside for a while, so they can recharge in their natural environment. Or in the case of a house with a lot of tension, send the plants to stay somewhere else for a little while. That gives them a chance to reboot themselves. People sometimes forget that they are also part of nature; everything that lives is connected together. If you love your plants, they will love you back, and that will make life better for both of you.”  

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