It’s going to be a blooming summer with colourful Kalanchoe

Easy houseplants with infinite flowers

Kalanchoe is the perfect plant for warm days: virtually maintenance-free, an enthusiastic bloomer and a tropical appearance. Just what you need when you want to bring a bit of salsa and conga into your home. 

It’s going to be a blooming summer with colourful Kalanchoe

Kalanchoes are the perfect plants for rapidly creating a swinging summer atmosphere. Even the foliage varieties feature beautiful colours, and the flowering varieties range from brilliant white to funky pink, sunny yellow, fiery orange and bright red. If you place or hang a couple of plants together they will explode with energy, particularly when combined with coloured and patterned pots. 

Worry-free holidays 

By combining Kalanchoes you can create a natural high energy feeling of summer with these super-easy life enhancers. Kalanchoe is a tropical succulent that stores moisture in its thick leaves. That’s how it survives in high-pressure areas and heatwaves, and will still look just as radiant after your holiday. That ‘hakuna matata’ attitude applies to all varieties, from the Kalanchoes with gorgeous leaves through to the flowering beauties. 

Summer styling for Kalanchoe 

You can emphasise the extravagant look of all Kalanchoe's colours and flower shapes by using colourful pots or a lively container. It doesn’t need to be complicated: wrap some boxes in cheerful paper, stack them to make side tables and it’s job done.