3 exciting Kalanchoë plants

Enjoy the unusual leaves and magical flowers of these exciting succulents
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No plant family is as colourful and charismatic as Kalanchoë. These succulents are highly decorative, each with special individual traits. We've singled out three varieties, to help kick-start your collection.

3 exciting Kalanchoë plants - Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Kalanchoë 'Magic Bells'

We're often surprised and delighted by the creations of nature, and Kalanchoe 'Magic Bells' is no exception. Beautiful bunches of light green air pods droop gracefully from the end of tall stems. These air pods, which look like grapes, are hollow and produce bell-shaped red orange flowers.

Kalanchoë beharensis, or Elephant's Ear

The word "Kalanchoë" usually brings to mind small, exquisite succulents, but this grown-up variety can easily reach two meters in height. The leaves of Kalanchoë beharensis aren't just thick, they also curl up at the edges and arch proudly over. The surface is covered with a silver-grey layer of velveteen hairs, just like the inside of an elephant's ear.

Kalanchoë thyrsiflora for a bedside table

Practice good plant design at home by placing a beautiful coloured succulent on your nightstand in the form of Kalanchoë thyrsiflora. This plant produces grey green leaves with an attractive red edge that grow haphazardly over the edges of the pot. The more sunlight this plant gets, the redder the colour becomes.

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