An indoor hanging garden

Add more greenery to the air

Indoor trees are sizeable housemates that need space, but no one ever said you have to place them against a wall or even on the ground. They also look excellent suspended in the air, creating an unexpected canopy of greenery. Best of all for small rooms, hanging gardens maximise floor space while still filling the space with houseplants. A plant up high projects serenity and is the epitome of calm and clutter-free living. 

An indoor hanging garden with miniature trees -

Indoor trees for harmony at home  

To hang up an indoor tree, you need a strong ceiling with a sturdy hook in it. You also need a flexible net that’s strong enough to carry the tree — bird netting that’s used to protect ponds and fruit trees will do the job. Pot the indoor tree into a round bowl for a harmonious effect; it's a shape the net can easily support. A good indoor tree to start your hanging garden with is beaucarnea, which has an attractive feature trunk and is easy to look after.

A practical style statement 

Our hanging indoor tree takes its inspiration from the Japanese art of kokedama, where plants float from the ceiling on a ball of moss. The advantage of using nets is that you can suspend much larger plants. It’s also quite easy to make changes. If your indoor tree is growing upwards quickly, you can lower the net down a little. If you need some extra space, then raise it up for a while.