Hands in the soil, a mind at peace

If your plant's happy, you’re happy
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You’ve probably noticed how calm you become when you’re working with plants. When your hands are in the soil, your brain seems to take a break, too. Maybe that's what they mean by ‘being in the moment’. Whatever you call it, it’s good for you.

Taking care of plants - Thejoyofplants.co.uk

Back to nature

Make contact with nature to discover a moment of tranquility: repot plants, tend and water them, and carefully snip away dead leaves. Calm moments like these make it easy to get in touch with your inner self, and locate the origin of your emotions, desires, instincts and needs. Rationality takes a step back.

This moment away from the hustle of everyday life allows you to listen to what you really want. It strips away the outer layer of expectations, materiality and status, showing you your true self. It may sound a bit new-age, but it's also very natural. Taking the time to sense what’s going on inside you will help you make decisions that are good for you. It's a very healthy attitude to nurture.

Treat your plants, treat yourself

Take a moment today to check in with your greenery. Give your plants some water, and possibly some food. Remove dead leaves and wilted flowers, and repot cramped plants. Wipe the dust off big leaves, and see the shine return to your plants — and to your mindset as well.