Keep your houseplants alive

A guide for everyone from beginners to experts

How relaxed are you about bringing a plant into your home? Do you do it without a second thought, or do you spend hours fretting until you’ve made a well-considered choice? It's much less of a commitment than you might think. A bit of water, the right amount of light, and love will get you a long way. You really don’t need green fingers in order to own plants — you just need to pay them a little attention.

Thanks plants Copyright: ©Happinez 2018 - Fotografie Peggy Janssen & Styling José Spaans


The amount of water that your plant needs depends on how thirsty it is. Generally, you can reckon on a decent splash of water once a week. Some plants like to have their leaves misted a bit too. Some like to be watered with a watering can, whilst others like to be submerged. Are things getting too complicated? Stick a watering list on the fridge where you record the preferences of each plant (you can give them their own names -the squiggly one). You can also use handy watering meters.


Are you a summer person, or an autumn lover? Plants also have a personal preference, and in their case it’s particularly about the amount of light and heat they enjoy. Generally speaking, most plants don’t like standing in direct sunlight all day long. They do like partial shade. Most don’t like excessive temperature fluctuations or cold either. Set your central heating to at least 15 degrees all year round and you'll have sorted this aspect as well. And the rule of thumb is to keep them a good distance from hot radiators in the winter.


This is probably the easiest part. Sing them a song, do a dance and whisper to them that their leaves look beautifully green. The more love you give, the more you get back. Because plants are not just beautiful additions to your home — they also help to make you feel better. So you can breathe fresh air, sleep peacefully and have someone waiting for you when you get home after a long day. Thanks, plants.