The green Ussie is the new Selfie!

A year in the life of you and your plant

New year, new start, new plant: choose one that will grow rapidly alongside you, and make a project of it. By December you will be amazed! 

Copyright: Brea Cudney
Smile! An Ussie with your favourite plant is the green trend for 2015!

With the Christmas tree gone, both you and your home are probably in desperate need of something fun, new and green. It's time for a radiant new houseplant to give you a great Happy New Year feeling. Don't think about it too much - just choose one that you like the look of and that you ‘click with’ straightaway. Record your new relationship with your smartphone straightaway in a green Ussie, and turn it into a monthly habit. At the end of the year you can then look back to see which of you two has enjoyed the greatest personal growth. 

Get yourself a couple! 

If you want your plant to grow extra fast, buy two! The reason for this is that a plant needs sunlight in order to grow. If other plants obscure their light, it needs to grow faster in order to capture the sun's rays. In other words: the plant works harder when it has competition, according to biologists at Utrecht University. 

Fast growers 

  • Stephanotis will grow rapidly if it has the space. Release Steph from her clamps as soon as possible and let her clamber up a bookcase or lamp.

  • Banana can grow from a tiny plant into a real specimen in a couple of months.

  • Scindapsus can grow round your room if you want - just put up a string to guide it.

  • Chloropythum: looks great, grows at the speed of light, and produces lovely baby offsprings which are incredibly easy to use as cuttings, so that within a year you can have a veritable forest of spider plants.

  • Crown of thorns: not one to cuddle, but it grows quickly, looks adorable and makes an instant statement in the home.

De nieuwe Selfie is een groene Ussie!