Get rid of the Christmas tree!

5 top tips for dumping it
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

You’re finished with it. The star is wrapped in old newspaper, the brightly coloured baubles have gone back in their boxes, and the lights are neatly rolled up - how they end up all tangled by next year is a mystery. The Christmas tree has been deposited by the front door, and even the trail of needles through the house has been swept up. What now?

What does the council offer?

Many councils collect Christmas trees from 12th Night. It’s dead easy and it ensures that the street is not littered with depressing dumped trees. A quick look on your local council's website should provide you with all the information you need.

Set fire to it

In some countries it's a tradition to organise a neighbourhood Christmas tree bonfire. Lighting and extinguishing large bonfires celebrate both the light and the New Year. It’s a good way of clearing up, and the ideal opportunity to wish all your neighbours a happy New Year in one go, preferably with bottle of fizz left over from New Year’s Eve. But check if this is allowed in your area!!

Plant the Christmas tree

One increasingly popular trend in recent years is planting the Christmas tree in the garden. Make sure that you buy a tree with a large, complete root ball. One more thing: with the right care and a bit of love, a pine tree will continue to grow. But also make sure that it doesn’t start obscure the neighbours’ view with its vigorous branches. Because that’s not in keeping with the Christmas spirit at all. 

How will you be getting rid of your Christmas tree this year?