A special celebration for Dad

An unforgettable green day

18 June is Father’s Day! Are you planning to celebrate? Or have you not thought about it at all? Be a bit different this year and make it a green celebration. 

Father's day Thejoyofplants.co.ukCopyright: Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

With stylish innovation

Tech and green go very well together. For example, there’s a new NASA plant app specially for nerdy dads. Or the Mygdal lamp - the perfect gift for fathers with not-very-green fingers and/or a dark shed. Read all about them in our article about plant gadgets.

Rugged plants from men

What are suitable plants for fun-loving tough guys? Read our article about five plants for real men. They’re all sturdy specimens that can take a knock, so they’re ideal gift material. We’d also like to introduce you to the rugged yet elegant Tradescantia

Eating and drinking outdoors

For the final touch, we’re giving you green tips to lift Father’s Day to a higher culinary plane. How about surprising your dad with a BBQ box full of herbs, a home-made drink or a hop plant? You can read all about them in the article ‘Celebrate Father’s Day outdoors’.

We wish you a green Father’s Day!