A special celebration for Dad

An unforgettable green day

17 June is Father’s Day! Are you planning to celebrate? Or have you not thought about it at all? Be a bit different this year and make it a green celebration. 

Father's day Thejoyofplants.co.ukCopyright: Roman Samborskyi / Shutterstock

With stylish innovation

Tech and green go very well together. For example, there’s a new NASA plant app specially for nerdy dads. Or the Mygdal lamp - the perfect gift for fathers with not-very-green fingers and/or a dark shed. Read all about them in our article about plant gadgets.

Rugged plants from men

What are suitable plants for fun-loving tough guys? Read our article about five plants for real men. They’re all sturdy specimens that can take a knock, so they’re ideal gift material. We’d also like to introduce you to the rugged yet elegant Tradescantia

But the monstera is also a real father plant, namely for all dads with a green heart but without green fingers. What they need is a plant that is easy, beautiful and mega: a Monstera! Is your father a green fingerless dad, then join us in our giveaway and who knows you might make your father as happy as a peacock.

Eating and drinking outdoors

For the final touch, we’re giving you green tips to lift Father’s Day to a higher culinary plane. How about surprising your dad with a BBQ box full of herbs, a home-made drink or a hop plant? You can read all about them in the article ‘Celebrate Father’s Day outdoors’.

We wish you a green Father’s Day!