This Father’s Day is going to be stylish, smart & green

Be inspired and win!

Don’t forget… 19 June is Father’s Day! Are you planning to celebrate? Or have you not thought about it at all yet? Be a bit different this year and make it a green celebration. 

Father's day carrier company

Tech savvy dads

We’ve picked a few plant gadgets especially for the ‘nerdy’ dads. What did we find? That tech and greenery go very well together. For instance, did you know that you can charge your phone using photosynthesis? 

Fashionable dads

Even ‘rough and ready’ types like nice things. Combine a great denim apron with a brilliant tool carrier and finish it with the right boots. Be inspired by our gear & garments article. 

Win an olive tree

The tips we’ve given above make it hard to turn up empty-handed. But if you still can’t manage to buy something or you’re a bit short of cash, try entering our competition. You may be standing at his front door carrying an olive tree on 19 June. 

Rugged plants from men

What are suitable plants for fun-loving rugged men? Read our article about five plants for real men such as the Myrtillocactus. An ideal companion for the dad who does not want to spend too much time with his hands in potting soil.