The gift of green health for your father

Give Dad a Tradescantia

Pssst... still stuck for ideas for what will delight your father this Father’s Day? We’ve got the perfect thing. It’s green, makes people happy and is perfect for dads.

Give Dad a Tradescantia

He’s generous and handsome, rugged and easy-going, surprisingly gentle and he likes a drink from time to time. Your father? No, the Tradescantia.

Here you go, Dad

With its attractive leaves and easy-going approach to life, the Dad plant fits in everywhere. On Dad’s desk, for example, or in his shed, the kitchen or beside the record player. But the main reason you should give it to your father on 18 June is because people feel better with greenery around them. You’ll be giving him green health in a pot.

In a lovely pot

And speaking of that: surprise! You can make a pot for the plant yourself, such as this lovely hanger. If your father doesn’t fancy screwing a hook into the ceiling, you can also display the Dad plant in an ‘ordinary’ pot that you’ve pimped. Wrap it up, add a big kiss and make this Father’s Day one to remember.