Discover the best plant match for your dad

Surprise him on Father's Day with a green gift

Father's Day is the time to put your dad, father figure, grandfather, uncle, foster dad, friend-who's-a-new-dad and any other positive male role models in your life in the spotlight. It can be tricky to know what will make them happy, however. Whether your dad is into DIY, cooking or adventuring, there's a green gift that will suit him down to the ground. We've put together the best plant matches for different kinds of dad. Read on to surprise him with the gift of the perfect plant on Sunday 16th June!

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Plants aren't just a beautiful gift, they bring years of pleasure to the recipient. Plants are also good for both mental and physical health. They help us relax, improve our mood, increase productivity and improve the air quality in the house. In short, giving a houseplant as a Father's Day gift is always a good idea. The plant you choose depends on his personal preferences and style. Get inspired by the three examples below and discover plant tips for 'the handyman', 'the home cook' and 'the adventurer'!


Is your dad a handyman who loves DIY? Does he appear holding a toolbox whenever something needs fixing? Gift him plants that suit his creative mind and solution-oriented nature. It's also a nice idea to place your plant-based gift in a sturdy pot that suits a spot on his workbench. 

Choose strikingly shaped plants that stimulate the senses, such as curly fern, begonia, peperomia rotundifolia and senecio. Cooling, caring Aloe Vera is also a great choice to help soothe sunburns and overheated brows after a long day of DIY. (such as fescue) and succulents (such as crassula) are also a perfect match, due to their striking shapes and low-maintenance nature.

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Does your father figure love nothing more than whipping up a batch of homemade pancakes at the weekend, producing wonderfully crispy pasta bakes and inviting friends and family round to eat his latest culinary creation? This type of father is delighted by edible plants and herbs. On Father's Day, give him the gift of plants that match his cooking style. 

Plants like basil, oregano, thyme and rosemary are perfect for pastas, pizzas and bread. Primroses make surprisingly tasty pancakes and global dishes call for plants such as red pepper and sage. Tomatoes, edible pansies and nasturtiums are also true flavours enhancers, especially in salads.

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Does your uncle or grandfather love hiking, mountain biking, discovery tours and active holidays? Is he happiest whilst on an adrenaline kick and seeking adventure? Then your dad will probably be thrilled with a gift of eye-catching plants with a cool or tropical look.

Eye-catching plants with large, green leaves and a striking look, such as areca palm, monstera and fatsia are a perfect match for these dads. You will also score points with colourful exotic-feeling plants such as bromeliad, calathea, velvet plant and pitcher plant, to invoke the feeling of a trip abroad. 

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Looking for more inspiration for a Father's Day gift? Then check out these green gifts for the garden, balcony or terrace. You could also garden together on Father's Day and create your own vegetable, fruit or herb patch.

Happy Father's Day!

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