Fabulous purple

Plants and purple are the perfect combo

In the past, the colour purple was only available to the upper classes. Obtaining the die from the now extinct dyemurex sea snail was a laborious and very expensive job. Nowadays we celebrate the colour in all its forms. As does nature, since you can easily find 50 shades of purple in the plant world. 

Purple plants - Thejoyofplants.co.uk

We haven’t chosen purple entirely at random. Pantone has even declared bodacious to be the trend colour for autumn. The colour represents luxury and calm, and lends opulence to items. A mystical colour in many shades which project spirituality, the unreal and sensitivity. A colour that you’re happy to bring into your home. 

Purple plants

When it comes to plants, you think of green first and foremost. But the alert observer regularly sees purple specimens. Think of an anthuriumpot rose and pot chrysanthemum. Or - totally in keeping with this remarkable colour - the extravagant shapes of gynura and echeveria.

Using the colour in your botanical beauties rapidly creates a sense of opulence. That dull wall can be transformed into an Old Master in a flash. 

Immerse yourself in the world of fabulous purple plants. They offer so much inspiration that they have even been given their own special place in the latest edition of The Green Gallery