DIY: summery floral border and begonia salt

The styling lends the perfect finishing touch to your dinner!
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The main course is in the oven, the sugared flowers are hardening and you’ve put on a great record. What else is there to do? Pour yourself a nice drink and add some last minute tweaks. It’s the little details that make an evening, like a beautiful floral border and home-made begonia salt. They’re the perfect finishing touch for your dinner starring begonia dishes and summer flowers! 

Bloemen op je bord -

How to make and use begonia salt

It’s really simple: crush 5-6 begonia flowers* with fleur de sel and allow the salt to dry out a bit. The beautifully coloured begonia salt gives a tasty mix of sour and salt. That complements the begonia recipes that you’re going to be serving today, but is equally attractive and delicious on butter and with olive oil. 

A plate on a bed of flowers

A summer dish with flavours of begonia deserves a special presentation. Place two different sizes of plates on top of one another and fill the edge with some summer flowers like delphinium, oleander and gloriosa. You can combine different flowers or opt for a mono styling.  

Look beyond your plate

Finished? Sit down and cast your eye calmly over the table.  Can you all look one another in the eye, or is the line of sight blocked by an overly extravagant summer bouquet? Does the styling stop at the edge of the plate, or has today’s theme been reflected in all the elements? You’re quite likely to spot something that you can perfect. Then all you have to worry about later is enjoying the good company. 

*Worth mentioning: never just tuck into a (cut) flower or plant. Only use edible flowers from specialist suppliers that have been grown for consumption.