DIY: Bananas fighting it out in a boxing ring

Give your interior some punch

Let’s be honest - a banana tree is no bantamweight. It needs a bit of room. And because it thinks a velvet VIP rope as a partition is too girly for words, you should give it a tough setting in its own boxing ring. This kind of sporty display fits well with the interiors trend which is all about fitness, health and dynamism. It’s not just the strong colours that give you energy - the banana is also a real power tree which produces oxygen and helps to purify the air in your home. That’s a proper pick-me-up for you.   

Bananenplant DIY

You will need: 

  • Red table from the Ikea Lack range 

  • Yellow and black paint, brushes

  • 4 banana trees (aka Musa)

  • Coloured pots  

  • Black elastic cord 

  • Masking tape

  • Tape measure, scissors, bradawl 

  • 16 screw eyes 

How to make it:  

Step 1

Assemble the table according to the instructions in the packaging. Turn the table over so that the legs are in the air, and screw 4 screw eyes per leg into the wood equally spaced.  

Step 2 

Paint the underside yellow first. Leave the paint dry thoroughly. Then mark off a square in the middle and paint that area black. 

Step 3 

When the paint is dry, insert the cord through the eyes so that it looks like a boxing ring. Place the trees in a pot and position them on the black area.