Discover Fatsia, an air-purifying eye-catcher

Green impact!

Do you have a corner in your house where not much is happening? Would like to bring some life into it? Introduce a living plant table! A green statement for that corner next to the sofa that could use some colour. Which plant do you need for this? We have the ideal candidate - Fatsia!

Verzamel een plantenfamilie op tafel
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Get to know fatsia, otherwise known as the paper plant. This green rascal owes its name to the Japanese word for 8. The plant is easy to handle, so you can bring a large number of them into the house with peace of mind. Even without 8 (or 10) green fingers!


If you want to green up your interior, you can choose an XL houseplant to great effect. But with the large green leaves of Fatsia, you can bring a lot of greenery into your home in one fell swoop! Perfect for greening up your seating area, for having more greenery in your dining area or adding some extra atmosphere to any cosy corner. Having more green in your home not only gives a stylish feel to your interior, but also a big boost to your mood. Houseplants make it easier to relax, improve room acoustics and improve air quality. And the latter certainly applies to Fatsia, as this plant belongs to the group of air-purifying plants!


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