Paper plant

Finger-shaped leaves from Japan

The Fatsia japonica is also known as the paper plant or the finger plant, which isn't surprising when you see the shape of its leaves. Those leaves and their air-purifying effect are one of the most important features of this houseplant.

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colours and shapes

Plain green, shiny or with a colourful pattern: get to know the paper plant. Fatsi is a Japanese word for eight and refers to the eight lobes of the leaf. This plant belongs to the group of air-purifying plants and can therefore create a healthy living environment in your home. Moreover, as a lover of humid air, Fatsia is also a fan of living in the bathroom.


Fatsia japonica, as the second name suggests, originates in the south of Japan. It can also be found in other parts of East Asia, such as Korea and Taiwan. The evergreen plant grows and blossoms freely in the wild. You might not expect it, but the paper plant belongs to the Araliaceae, the ivy family, just like its cousins Hedera and Schefflera.


There is no known symbolic meaning of this plant. What does it symbolise for you?