Bring your home to life with plants

Create a place full of greenery and fond memories

Chances are you've picked your furniture for looks, functionality and value for money. But have you also looked at your furniture as a blank canvas to create an ensemble full of greenery and treasured memories? Read on, discover how to bring a piece of furniture to life and get inspired!

dressoir met planten | groen interieur
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how to create a personalised cosy green corner

Want to create your own collection full of plants, souvenirs, natural treasures and precious memories? This is how!

  1. Start with greenery. Choose houseplants that create the atmosphere you want. Place these plants next to, in front of and on top of the furniture. Alternate large and small plants for the best effect and use house trees for extra greenery! In our example, we used Asparagus Fern, Alocasia zebrina (elephant ear), Fern Adiantum and Dieffenbachia
  2. Add treasured mementos you collected during holidays or special occasions, be it a shell from an exotic beach, a figurine from your local market or an object you found by chance.
  3. Collect objects from nature. Go outside and collect all of the beauty nature has to offer. From pine cones to prettystones and the most beautiful leaves, respectfully (and legally!) take the natural treasures that make you feel good. You can change these treasures seasonally, of course!
  4. Add photos of loved ones. Family celebration? New baby? Birthday? Special occasion? A deceased loved one? Pick your most precious photos, give them a matching frame and let them shine on your piece of furniture.
  5. Gradually add more and more plants, souvenirs, natural finds and photos. Let your collection grow, just like the plants on it, next to it and in front of it! It's an organic project full of love and care.

which houseplants should you choose for your living room?

Do you find it difficult to choose houseplants for your living room and for the relevant piece of furniture? Then copy-paste the plants from this article (Asparagus Fern, Alocasia zebrina, Fern adiantum and Dieffenbachia). You can also be inspired by these 3 stylish XL plants, and by the plants used for these 4 green seating areas.

varen adiantum | orchidee | kamerplanten


Such a personal cosy green corner is not only beautiful to look at, it challenges you to be creative and be more mindful of your surroundings and nature. And that's not all, because plants in the home have many benefits! Plants have a proven calming effect and promote your mental and physical health. Moreover, they are natural air purifiers and dampen noise. So what are you waiting for? Get started!


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