Breakfast in bed with a sweetheart hoya plant

The way to a person’s heart

The weekends are made for having a lie-in, enjoying a leisurely breakfast and reading the paper in your pyjamas. Although this year Valentine’s Day falls on Friday, you can extend it to the weekend to really make the most of the holiday. Surprise your Other Half or your children with a delicious breakfast in bed, decorated with a Sweetheart Hoya plant, and share the love!

Sweetheart plant

Does your loved one prefer their eggs boiled or poached? Are they a jam-lover, or do they eat honey by the teaspoonfull? Tea or coffee? Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to a tasty breakfast, but we can all agree that a loving gesture in the morning makes the whole day brighter — and Valentine's Day is the perfect moment to show how much you care.

A spot in the kitchen

The Sweetheart Hoya is a cute and friendly plant that looks perfect next to a porcelain eggcup or slice of buttered toast. Place it on the breakfast tray as a gift to your loved one, then after breakfast move it to a shelf in the kitchen, where it can spread love to the meals concocted here. How wonderful to place sweethearts in the kitchen, because as we all know that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.