Banana tree gets to work for you straightaway

You’ve never seen such a beautiful air purifier!

A tidy, fresh home is an excellent way of ensuring a good mood and better health. What else can you do, apart from bringing in an attractive banana tree? Bananenplant Luchtreiniger

1. Tackle it in stages

Trying to detox your entire home in one go is likely to drive you mad. Tackle it room by room. Anything that you’ve not handled for a year can go to charity, unless it has great emotional significance. Once you’ve tidied up, you can start cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is best for capturing dust particles. Then run around with a mop if necessary. Ecological all-purpose cleaner does a fine job and contains fewer damaging substances. 

2. How are your plants looking?

However much you love your plants, they don’t live forever. Take a critical look at them: which ones could potentially revive with a nice shower, repotting and some plant food? And which ones really have reached the end of the line? Treat yourself to some attractive fresh plants - they also bring fresh energy to your surroundings.

3. Bring a banana plant into your home

A banana tree is not only attractive to look at, but the large leaves also help purify the air indoors. Because of it’s size, it also helps muffle sound, so that things will be quieter in your home. And finally such a large green personality brings calm. Plants help to lower your blood pressure and heart rate* and reduce feelings of anxiety. 

4. Bring one to the office as well

Four out of ten office workers would benefit from a large green friend like a banana tree at work. These are stressed and tired people. One plant for every 12 m² of office would help them, according to John Klein Hesselink from international knowledge centre TNO. The organisation studied 200 workers and their office environment with and without greenery. Plants humidify the air, and skin irritations and flu-like symptoms such as nasal irritation are reduced, according to Klein Hesselink. The study findings confirm earlier laboratory research by TNO.

5. Keep it cool

Don’t set the thermostat higher than 18-19 degrees. It’s good for your energy bill, good for your plants (they’ll last longer) and good for the air in your home. House mites in particular enjoy a warm indoor climate, preferably with a bit of humidity. You should therefore air your home every day as well, even if it’s cold.

* Interaction with indoor plants