4 plants that are as substantial as the Christmas tree

These houseplants are happy to fill the space for you!
Estimated reading time: 1 minute

How big and empty the room seems all of a sudden now that the Christmas tree is gone. Suddenly that warm, cosy ‘let’s drink hot chocolate under a blanket’ feeling has vanished - and that’s not a good start to the New Year. Time for a green beauty that’s happy to fill the space for you! Read on to find out the great selection of houseplants we suggest:  


The Pachira is also known as the money tree: something everyone can do with after the expensive Christmas period! Until the money starts pouring in you can at least enjoy the fabulous green leaves. 


Yes, honestly: the Beaucarnea really is a plant and not a tree. It doesn’t easily flower indoors, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. Even its name is beautiful!


The Polyscias is a worthy replacement for the Christmas tree. This houseplant is happy in the shade and grows straight upwards, just like a pine tree.


The Draceana is a really exotic statement plant and a huge benefit is that this indoor tree is known to be a powerful air purifier.