3 tips for instant stress relief on the (work) floor

More plants, less stress

Do you have a stressful work session coming up, or do you spend hours staring at a screen? Focus on these three tips to reduce your stress and improve your performance. And, your colleagues will also like it because it will improve your mood.

Less stress on the workfloor Thejoyofplants.co.uk

1. Plants are your best colleagues

Plants improve the air quality and air humidity. And these can often leave a lot to be desired in workplaces. What's more, plants help you to concentrate, because they can reduce noise levels. And a plant on your desk can increase your creativity. You can read more here about the effects of plants in the workplace.

2. Enrich your digital environment with the Green Screen floral ad blocker

How many hours a day do we spend in the digital world? Banners can often waste our time, but flowers and plants can enrich our lives. That is the idea behind Green Screen from The Green Gallery. 12 floral art pieces as banners, made by tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher, DJ and producer Loco Dice & graffiti artist Hoxxoh, creative innovator Geraldine Wharry and fashion label Pigalle. Download them for free here.

3. Skip your smoking break, take a 'plant pause'

According to scientific research*, active interaction with houseplants can reduce stress (compared to a mental computer task). The nervous system and blood pressure are suppressed, while comfortable, 'soothing' and natural feelings are enhanced. When you are doing work that requires you to concentrate, it is advisable to take a 'plant break' occasionally. "Scientifically responsible" is a good argument to use to convince your boss.

And for the weekend, when you're full of energy, we have 5 plant-do's for your free time.  

* Source: NCMBI