Vegetables in the garden and on your plate

Four delicious vegetable recipes

When the weather is great there is nothing better than working in the garden, feeling the sun on your skin (don't forget the sunscreen) and sharing tasty food with friends outside. It is even better when you can enjoy fruit and vegetable dishes from your own garden. That is why we have joined forces with the Dutch vegetable chef Jonathan Karpathios. Together, we have developed four delicious recipes which you can enjoy all summer long, and beyond.

Vegetable recipes

Fresh, quick and tasty

When temperatures rise, you don't want to spend too long in the kitchen. You want to spend time outdoors, not toiling away over the stove! The four dishes we have devised for you are all easy to prepare, fresh tasting and made with flowers and plants.

From the garden to your plate

What makes the dishes so nice is that they mainly come straight out of the garden. Hello vegetables, flowers and herbs! Don’t have a garden and so no plants of your own? Enjoy the delicious recipes on your balcony or in the park, after a visit to the supermarket.

Full-blown feast

Are you curious about what goodies we have in store for you? Take a look at the recipes for: gazpacho, cucumber granita, bell pepper carpaccio and iced tea. The dishes are even nicer accompanied by beautiful, summery decoration. For yourself and the table.

Have a look at our summer file with much more summer plants inspiration!

* But remember: never attempt to eat a (cut) flower or plant. Make sure you only use edible flowers from specialized vendors that are grown for consumption.