DIY: Make a vertical strawberry wall

Space saving and very fun!

Summer has only really started when the strawberries are ripe. Of course you can buy these sweet summer treats ready to eat in the supermarket, but it’s much more fun to grow them yourself. You can plant strawberries in both beds and pots. That’s handy, because it allows you to grow strawberries on even the smallest city balcony. With a vertical strawberry wall you can save space, and it also looks great. 

Soft fruit

Get to work

You will need:
10-12 terracotta pots
A thick piece of sisal rope
A handful of screws and washers
Extra: electric drill

How to make it:

Step 1: Tie a knot  at the end of the sisal rope, and screw a screw into it. Use a washer so that the screw cannot slip. 

Step 2: Now use the rope to measure around the pot to work out where the next screw needs to be positioned.  Mark it. You should thereby allow for the next layer of pots and the height of the plants.

Step 3: Screw the second screw through the rope, and continue like this until the wall is finished. 

Step 4: Tie a knot at the start and the end of each length of rope. 

When the time comes to harvest, you can make delicious strawberry jam or just gobble them up one by one. Enjoy!