Urban Jungle Bloggers on Mother-in-law's tongue

... and a few more green gems

What do you get when two travel-loving bloggers to collaborate with a passion for plants and styling? Indeed! A beautiful plant community, in this case under the name Urban Jungle Bloggers . We're delighted to introduce you to these green-fingered fans.

Bloggers Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff

The bloggers

Igor Josifovic from Happy Interior Blog and Judith de Graaff from JOELIX are both huge houseplant fans, and collaboratively they share their passion online through their plant-loving community Urban Jungle Bloggers.

Styling for your Mother-in-law's tongue

This blog not only gives you handy care tips, but also offers tons of styling inspiration. Here are three styling tips for your Mother-in-law's tongue. Choose from The Playful Gentlemen, The Savvy Traveler, or The Paris City Boy. Three great ideas on how to style your Mother-in-law's tongue!

Style je Vrouwentong eens als ‘The Savvy Traveler’

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Also lovely: in our inspiring Exposé video project, Judith and Igor talk about their shared passion for everything green. Watch the video.

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