A storefront made of Sansevieria

Green walls, great look

Have you come across the idea of vertical gardening? In Brazil, two brothers have created a whole external wall using the rugged Snake plant.

Copyright: Campana Brothers & Super Limão Studio

The benefits of a Mother-in-law's tongue wall

A wall filled with plants is decorative, it insulates, and purifies the air. The owner of design store Firma Casa in Sao Paulo therefore asked the designers from Campana Brothers to create a façade for her new store. The brothers did just that, by using snake plants - and a lot of them.

Vrouwentong of Sansevieria Mooiwatplantendoen.nl
9,000 plants

They got to work and placed 9,000 cuttings in 3,500 aluminium vases. These vases hang on a grid and allow water through, so that when it rains all the plants underneath also get watered. The dark green plants give a subtle contrast against the steel of the grid.

Sansevieria and evil spirits

Interesting fact: by using Mother-in-law's tongue, the designers also ensured that the external wall will repel evil spirits. In African-Brazilian religious rituals, the snake plant, or Sansevieria, is known as a supernatural protector and as a plant with healing powers. Handy to have in a new shop!