Spring/Summer 2022 Trend Collection: Bright & Breezy

Plants you don't want to miss this season
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This season is all about bright colours and prints. The Bright & Breezy style trend gives you a holiday feeling and inspires you to create a playful, relaxed atmosphere. Colourful garden and house plants set the right tone. Cheerful prints and uncomplicated designs are not to be missed, either. Read on, discover the garden and houseplants of this trend and give them a nice spot in your house, garden or terrace!

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Broom is an ornamental shrub that gives an extraordinary feeling of spring. With its yellow springlike colour and delicious fragrance, this houseplant guarantees cheerful vibes in every home. It is also easy to combine with other flowering plants. In no time at all, you will create a real indoor garden feeling with this winner.


One glance at Caladium and you'll know why this spectacular plant belongs in today's style trend. The leaves of the Caladium are like a chameleon, from almost white with green veins to pink leaves with speckles and spots. This eye-catcher immediately creates a playful, energetic atmosphere in the home. Who doesn't get excited by fuzzy beauties or leaves full of freckles on the window frame


Campanula, also called bellflower, is a colour-rich bloomer. The plant produces seemingly endless new flowers, which are attached to hanging tendrils and grow on top of the plant. Depending on the variety, the plant has white, pink, lilac or purple bells. In short: an atmospheric plant that clearly belongs in the Bright & Breezy trend.  


If there is one plant that immediately gives you a summery, happy feeling, it's the colourful bougainvillea. This flowering plant fits in perfectly with the current style trend. Hang up garlands of bougainvillea and be surprised by a colourful spectacle!


Pothos brings positive, Bright & Breezy energy to every corner of your room. This climbing and hanging plant grows effortlessly from floor to ceiling and from cabinet to wall. The heart-shaped leaves can have a flamed pattern or be covered with light green, yellow or silver spots. This houseplant guarantees green enjoyment! 


Oxalis, also known as wood sorrel, has clover-like leaves in green, purple and grey. The cheerful flowers are white, pink, yellow or red. The leaves, flowers and stems are edible. Try your luck and bring Oxalis into your home this season! 



Sage, or salvia, is a popular garden plant that can't be missed this season, and it's easy to see why. The long stems with blue-purple or violet-pink spikes bring a lot of liveliness to your garden. Put sage in a tight border and it will make a lush and dreamy path. Put it in a small pot on the garden table and it will bring visits from friendly butterflies and buzzing bees. Its cheerful influence on your garden is contagious.


Garden ferns are very common this season. If not because of their beautiful green colour, then it's because of their enchanting leaves which unfold slowly. Garden ferns give a warm and summery feeling. Put them in the shade and they are the green heart of the Bright & Breezy trend.


Blooming confetti. That's how you could describe Cosmos. This cheerful garden plant, with its bright colour and delicious fragrance, is indispensable in the current style trend. It does very well in a plant pot and in a bouquet of cut flowers, but is just as radiant in a crate garden!


Hosta, also known as heart lily, is a decorative giant among low-growing plants. You can recognise the beautiful hosta by its huge leaves, from which impressive stems with purple or lilac flowers emerge. This plant has a wide variety of leaf colours and shapes. All this makes the hosta an ideal choice for this season. 


Columbine is a typical spring and summer flowering plant. With its colourful, nodding flowers and striking five-pointed petals, the Columbine is a special and particularly cheerful part of the current style trend. Bees, bumblebees and butterflies are also delighted by this nectar-rich plant.

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