An indoor garden feeling with flowering broom

Add colour to your home!
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The colour yellow is one of the first signals that spring is on the way, so it's no wonder that it's a colour associated with happiness and joy. This flowering broom is a real mood enhancer and can also be combined with other flowering plants to give the feeling of an indoor garden. Ideal for those who either have a tiny garden or don't have one at all!

Binnentuingevoel met bloeiende kamerbrem
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A spot for an indoor garden

You might think that there's no room in your house for an indoor garden, but plants will fit wherever there's space for them. Why not try placing some green companions on the last few steps of your stairs, for example? Get rid of the knick-knacks waiting to be taken upstairs and bring on plants that gently sway as you walk by, such as elephant's ear with its unusual leaves, or a lemon tree. 


Having an indoor garden is totally line with the current style trend, Bright & Breezy. This trend is all about enjoyment, connection and positivity. Combine the plants with a funky pedestal and cheerful vases, or dress things up with a pastel-coloured watering can for that nod to the outdoors.

Binnentuingevoel met bloeiende kamerbrem

A brightly coloured home

Want to transform your home and garden into a cheerful, colourful place to be? Check out the Bright & Breezy style trend and get cracking. Be inspired by the season with all its delicious food and fun DIYs. Need more inspiration? Follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and share your plant inspiration with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.